Monday, May 31, 2010

Visit to Zorn museum

I'm back from Sweden, where I got to visit the Zorn masterpieces exhibition in Mora. It was incredible to see all the beautiful paintings and sculptures. What a great artist he was!

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:

The upper floor is dedicated to oil paintings.

Showing the young one how realistic looking coniferous trees should be painted by using just a few masterful brush strokes.

I took quite a lot of pictures of the paintings, so I can study them later in hopes of improving my own painting.

Top notch watercolors on the lower floor, from the time before Zorn switched to oils.

Zorngården, Anders's & Emma's home is located right next to the museum. I was the only visitor at the time and so got a private guided tour :)

The paths leading to the manor's entrance are curving around a heart shaped lawn. Anders and Emma wanted the visitors to feel warmly welcomed. Morgonbad (Morning bath) statue is located at the sharp end of the heart. According to the guide, three sisters modeled for this and Zorn sculpted the best features of each.

Anders Zorn's studio.

I just HAD to buy these books and a couple of posters.

If you like Zorn's work and have a chance to visit the exhibition, you won't be disappointed. It's running until 14 september.

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billspaintingmn said...

Arto! Wow Thanks for this post! It sure is nice to get a look at this!
I live in Minnesota,(USA) and may not get to Mora Sweden before the exhibit is over.
To get a private Tour is a priviledge! What an honor :)

There's a Mora Minnesta, I've been through it many times~

Ian said...

Those sisters had some good features!

Ian said...

You should paint more portraits yourself. Soft light # 2 was your finest work.

Antti Rautiola said...

That must have been quite awesome to go there.
Thanks for the pictures :D

Aitch said...

Wow, that looks like an interesting exhibition - I particularly liked that studio photograph! What a studio eh?

E.Milz said...

Thank you Arto for these wonderful close ups. I love it when I get a chance to see details in a painting, and you gave us plenty. Thanks again!