Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aphrodite 2

Watercolor on Canson Fontenay paper, 22x30 cm

I've been experimenting with wet in wet techniques lately. This one's done in Payne's gray. I find watercolors very difficult to control, but I've found some good tips from Charles Reid's excellent book Watercolor solutions. Another book I'd like to own is David Taylor's Solving the mystery of watercolor, but it's runs for a whopping $160 in Amazon.

I just bought my first pure kolinsky sable brush from Rosemary & Co. It's a reversible model that fits nicely into my watercolor field box. It is really a joy to use. If my paintings suck, I can't blame the brush :) The service, by the way was excellent. I ordered a few brushes and on top of that they had thrown in the latest issue of Artists & Illustrators magazine. A nice gesture.

Brush open

Brush closed


Ian said...

She looks like a punk Aphrodite, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You've definitely got a new take on a well-worn subject.

I just saw a wonderful Frederick Cayley Robinson exhibition at the National Gallery, which totally blew me away. I think you have some things in common with him.

Arto Isotalo said...

Thanks! I hadn't heard of Frederick Cayley Robinson before. I see similarities in his and Carl Larsson's works.

Jenny Mackay said...

Hi Arto, I like your work and your blog about Zorn has encouraged me to order the Zorn catalogue, thank you! I have a copy of David Taylor's book which I bought for $60 here in Australia. It's new.I was a bit interested in Watercolour but am focussing on oils and pastels.I am happy to post it to you for the AU$60 plus postage if you are interested. Best regards, Jenny Mackay

Arto Isotalo said...

Thank you Jenny! And thank you very much for your book offer, but I was able to borrow it and I've almost finished reading it.

Jenny Mackay said...

No problem! I will continue to follow your blog, thanks for posting your beautiful work.