Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zorn paintings in high resolution #3

More masterpieces by Anders Zorn with detail pics, photographed last summer while visiting Zorn museum.

In Wikström's studio, 82x60.5 cm

Les baigneuses, 98.5x68.5 cm

Reflections, 120.5x84.5 cm

Summer evening, 80x55 cm

Une première, 76x56 cm  (Gouache)

According to the story, Zorn felt he had used too much gouache on this one and he ended up cutting it into pieces. A fellow artist, Christian Eriksson gathered the pieces and saved them. I'm glad he did!
The woman's pose by the way is quite similar in this painting and "Summer evening".

Girls from Dalarna in the sauna, 86x53 cm

Mother and daughter, 90x62 cm

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