Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toward the waves

Oil on canvas, 100x140 cm


Erik van Elven said...

Wow, big format. Nice loose style.
Did you deliberately give the woman more treatment compared to the children? It could be the photo but i feel the children could use a little more punch in the midtones. If it is intentional, please ignore :)

Arto Isotalo said...

Thanks Erik. You're right. The photo was taken in day light, and was not lit properly. I took a new photo of the painting, this time with flash. The children are less tanned than the mother and I painted them that way.

Erik van Elven said...

Ah, I see.
Beautiful painting Arto, reminds me of Sorolla.

Antti Rautiola said...

Great painting!
I love those loose strokes against some of the harder ones.

ps. Maybe we could also do some plein air painting on the weekend. Lets be in touch.

Arto Isotalo said...

Thanks for the compliment, Erik!

Thank you Antti! How about Nuuksio?