Friday, August 7, 2015

At Kaitalampi

I had time to paint a little bigger painting on my last summer vacation days. The location in this painting is a nearby lake where open water swimmers like to train, because it's long and narrow. It's safer to swim close to shore. Kaita = narrow, lampi = pond/lake.

Oil on canvas, 90x70 cm

I took some work-in-progress shots of this, too:


Journeyman said...

Yes please Arto, progress shots would be great, it’s very generous of you to offer. It's always a treat to look in to see your newest work as there is so much to learn from how you compose and put your plein air work together , not to mention your use of colour and tone which is always so well done. The lady here has such great presence and yet we can feel the action is still moving not frozen. :)


Arto Isotalo said...

I'm very happy to read your nice comments, Dave, thanks! I added the WIP pictures, where you can see the stages. I thought I had taken a pic of the underdrawing also, but apparently not. It's basically what can be seen in the leftmost picture.


Very wonderful painting with so nice colours and light !!!
Have a nice and creative week Arto !!!

Arto Isotalo said...

Thank you very much, Art traveller!